Ahoy there!

I’m Ros de Vries, an avid sailor and community firebrand. I’ve served 5+ years with the American Red Cross, as a Blood Transportation Specialist and Disaster Responder.

In the marketing industry, I’m known as Ros Hodgekiss, the Customer Experience Programs Manager at Campaign Monitor. I’ve written 100’s of articles on email marketing, design and code. Also, I was a “Top Email Marketing Thought Leader“.

I am the Publications Chair at Island Yacht Club, where my work has included the Women’s Sailing Seminar website and email newsletters.

My creative work has been featured in Latitude 38 magazine – including an acclaimed review of a boat I currently own, the Santa Cruz 27.

I live in sunny Alameda, California with my talented husband, Nathan de Vries.


My specialist areas and achievements include:

  • Customer Experience (CX) – I launched and deployed a global CX team, to drive retention and growth for high-value, self-service customers at Campaign Monitor. Some of our key activities include: outreach to at-risk customers, events & webinars and collaboration with Product, Marketing, Support and Customer Success.
  • Project management and leadership – I launched Campaign Monitor’s customer support portal and knowledge base. In FY18, we dramatically reduced IRT and case resolution times, while ensuring more customers could find answers online, vs. via a support agent.
  • Digital marketing – As an early-stage employee, I helped grow Campaign Monitor to 40k+ paying customers, through social media & community management, plus the development of guides and resources. Here’s a summary of my work.

Ros has excelled in every task we’ve worked on together and has crushed every goal I’ve thrown her way. She’s not only been on time, on task, and on budget, but her delivery always comes with creativity, character, and a faultless attention to detail.

Benton Cummings, M&A Integrations Strategy, CM Group

I love to talk! My favorite topics are:

  • Sailing – Drop the hook, I’m listening!
  • Writing – I share personal sailing stories on Medium.
  • Travel – I’ve been to 30+ countries and have lived in both Australia and the Philippines. I speak Spanish and English (obviously).
  • The outdoors – Including non-trivial cycling, skiing and hiking.
  • Food – After living in great abundance, I am now pescatarian.
  • Things that make you happy.

Interested? Please get in touch.